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Nepal is one of the leading destination for those tourist who wants to enjoy the holiday with a difference. From the magnificent snow-capped peaks to the North, the lesser mountains and midlands in the central region and the tropical jungles and fertile plains to the south, Nepal is a land that is largely defined by its geographical features. The Terai has various caste groups like the Tharus, Yadavas, Satar, Rajvanshis and Dhimals. Brahmins, Chhetris and Thakuris are generally spread out over all parts of the kingdom. Landscape Nepal consists of several physio-graphic regions or natural zones – the four mountain ranges, the valleys located between them and the plains to the south of these ranges. The plains or flatlands in Nepal consist of the Terai. The Terai forms the northernmost part of the fertile Gangetic plain and extends into Nepal – a region that is called the `granary’ of Nepal, and a green expanse of paddies, mango groves, bamboo thickets and palm fringed villages. 

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