About Me

Hello and Welcome, I am Harsh a junior pursuing BS in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Chicago. I have also been doing research on Machine Learning and using it for automated detection and elimination of threats like weapons, tools and any other life threatning items.

At present, I work as a Teaching Assistant guiding 200 level Computer Science courses and a Lab Assistant for HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster, Dragon. It provides researchers with 380 cores to run simulations and computations for their research.

I am an adventure enthusiast, and my favorites are biking, trekking, mountaineering and photography. Please visit my photography blog here.


Here's a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • C
  • F#
  • HTML5
  • Laravel
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Tensorflow
  • OpenCV

Work Experience

Ekta Flow,LLC June 2019 - August 2019

Software Development Internship with responisibilities to work in start-up environment, platform, and services from scratch.

  • Achieved better and faster execution of React Application by improving run-time of the database.
  • Used React and Material-UI to optimize the front-end of a manufacturing process management application.
  • Built web applications using Laravel and added features to use API in JavaScript.
  • Collaborated and participated in daily Agile/Scrum meetings, code reviews, sprint planning
  • Performed QA testing on microcontrollers and react based applications.

Lab Assistant, HPC Lab, UIC February 2018 - Present

Managment of the High Performance Cluster and solving issues related to software or hardware.

  • Implemented a model for prediction of life-threatening objects and achieved 99% precision, even with damaged images.
  • Using Deep Learning algorithms to train model with different data sets.
  • User Account creation and management and addition of GPU nodes.
  • Achieving faster memory management by caching data in a scratch memory and storing it in disk drives.
  • Checking the scheduler for issues with accepting jobs and solving those issues.

Teaching Assistant, CS Dept, UIC Jan 2019 - Present

Instructed three, two-hour labs weekly to help student design, implement software development tools and practices, debugging, testing and advanced language features.

  • Collaborated closely with professor and 15 Teaching Assistants in supervising more than 250 students.
  • Worked directly with students to help them explore, understand and apply software development concepts.
  • Held weekly office hours to explain concepts like code management, code smells, design patterns.
  • Collaborated with the instructor to provide focused help to struggling students through code review.

Intern MySql, Deerwalk HealthCare Solutions June 2018 - July 2018

Writing SQL queries and procedures as desired by the clients. Achieved 25% faster SQL queries by performance tuning queries and improving runtime.

  • Consistently met deadlines and requirements for all tasks.
  • Been responsible in supporting the backend development team for the data managment.
  • Assigned to work with the development team and worked for the database managment.


You can download my resume below.


  • 3rd Place - Google Tech Challenge 2019, Chicago
  • Nehru Institute of Mountaineering – Scaled peak Draupadi ka Danda (18,740 ft), 5680 mts
  • International Award for Young People by Duke of Edinburgh- Silver
  • Scindia Explorer Award- Cycled for 500 miles in 7 days


If you would like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email at: harshdevprakashgupta@outlook.com

Thanks for stopping by.